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Locust Lake Village Lot & Street Map

(Read below for a street and lot map of LLV)

Locust Lake Village is located in Pocono Lake, very near its sister community, Arrowhead Lake. The Village is an excellent choice for vacation home buyers and offers a laid-back, woodland setting. Home prices here range from $90,000 for a rustic cabin getaway to $500,000 for an elegant lake front home and everything in between. Dues are reasonable and the community is well maintained.

Here is a very handy lot and street map of the community which also shows the locations of the lakes, beaches, ski area, tennis courts and other community amenities. The map also shows lot numbers and allows you to see which lots adjoin the Brady's Lake State Forest.

Click here to see a street and lot map of Locust Lake Village

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Townhouses in Lake Harmony, PA

So, you want a vacation home but are concerned about maintenance? Who wants to head to the mountains for a ski weekend and have to worry about shoveling snow or other outside tasks. You want to relax. And ski, or hang at the lake, or whatever. 'Nuff said.

I'll break it down by area for you. This time I'll work on communities in Lake Harmony, which is the area near the lake of the same name and Jack Frost and Big Boulder ski areas. I will cover some other developments and options in future posts, like stuff near Camelback Mountain, Shawnee Ski Area and others. For now, though, let's look at the choices available in this area of Carbon County.

One last note: there are lots of single family vacation homes available in this area of the Poconos too (i.e. Towamensing Trails, Lake Harmony Estates, Brier Crest Woods and many others). If you need information on those, contact me at [email protected] and I'll set you up with a customized Listing Search Portal. For free :)

Townhouse and Condominium Complexes in the Lake Harmony area include:

Snow Ridge Village:
Prices start in the $120,000's for a 1 or 2 bedroom townhouse and go up from there. Dues/maintenance fees here are in the $2,500/year range. Amenities here include a pool, tennis courts and the new Jack Frost National Golf Course.

Laurel Woods:
You may be lucky enough to find a 3 bedroom home here around $170,000. Dues are around $3,000 per year. Enjoy the beach at Big Boulder lake as well as new pool facilities which are nearby (membership at Lake Mountain Club may be required).

Blue Heron Village:
A furnished two bedroom unit is listed right now for $185,000, but the prices go up from there. Dues are around $3,000 per year. Amenites are nearby and available by joining the Lake Mountain Club.

Ridgewood Country Estates:
Starting around $150,000 for 1300 -ish square feet. $3,600 yearly maintenance fees include water, sewer, trash removal, exterior maintenance. Join the Lake Mountain Club and use their beautiful community pool, tennis courts and other fine amenities.

Boulder Lake Village:
Brand new lakefront condominium development from the mid $350's. Recreation center 'to be built' after 48 units have settled within one year to include exterior pool, hot tub, exercise room, grill area. Dues $4,300 per year.

Mid Lakes:
Lakefront condominiums for around $250,000 to $350,000. Usually sold with furnishings. Maintenance fees around $3,000/year. Pool for use by condo owners. Lake club membership available.

**Please note that information about these communities is subject to change. As communities change and grow, dues structures and amenitiy offerings do too.**

For information on townhouses, condominiums or single homes in Lake Harmony or other vacation home areas in the Poconos, please contact me via email [email protected], or by phone 888.794.5589. Or, if you prefer to help yourself for a while yet, search the Pocono Mountains MLS for properties here.

Map of Schools & Info for Stroudsburg Area School District

Choosing a School District is an Important Part of the Home Buying Process - How Does Stroudsburg Rank?

Click on the map pins for info on a specific school location, or click on the link at the bottom for a Stroudsburg School District overview courtesy of education.com.

Stroudsburg Area Schools


Still Need More Information About the District Dress Code, Sports, Test Scores and More?

The Stroudsburg Area School District website also has a wealth of information available for students, parents of students, district residents and prospective residents. This should be the most current school district information available, including links covering Wellness & Health Policies, Transportation / Busing, Curriculum, School Board Meeting Schedules, Faculty Contact Information, and more.

Search for homes in Stroudsburg School District (or other areas of the Pocono Mountains of Northeastern PA) here.

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Sooooper-Dooper New Penn Estates MLS / IDX Property Search Page

This picture was taken at the Carnival, which visits Penn Estates every summer. Yes, you may have missed the thrills and chills of the ferris wheel and other spine-tingling rides but, lucky for you, more fun is always in store around here...

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Learn about some of the new stuff HERE.

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Zoning: A Beginner's Guide

From the Desk of:
Richard A Hetzel
Architect (NY) & Home Designer (PA)


Zoning is simply the regulation of what can be done with land. It regulates land uses in categories such as Residential, Commercial, and Industrial, separating a town or municipality into various zones for those purposes. 

Residential zones may be subdivided into areas with varying minimum lot sizes, and areas where uses are limited to single-family homes, and others to development such as condominiums and townhouses. 

Commercial zones may be subdivided into local or regional shopping uses, and zones where office buildings are permitted. Zoning_map

Industrial zones may permit factories and warehouses and the like. 

A typical zoning map of a municipality accompanies this article. On it, each individual lot in the town can be seen, as well as the various zones and their boundaries.

Within each zone is a set of regulations that might govern:

§ Minimum lot area

§ Minimum street frontage

§ Front, side and rear setbacks

§ Minimum and/or maximum floor area

§ Building height 

Why are these things regulated? Primarily to protect each owner’s property values, but also to mitigate against property disputes, and often to control growth or for environmental reasons. For example, a lot with a well and a septic system requires much more than a 50 foot by 100 foot area, and may require an acre or more. Areas having steep slopes are often zoned with large lot area requirements. Areas in town with sewers and city water can easily accommodate small lots. 

What happens if you want to put an addition on your house, and the addition would extend into a required side or rear yard? You may have to seek a zoning variance, and to get one, you may be asked to demonstrate that you have no other way to achieve what you’d lie to do. Zoning variances are granted by Zoning Boards, which hear your arguments, hear objections or messages of approval from neighbors, and consider the impact of what you propose on surrounding properties and the neighborhood in general. There are some guidelines that these boards must follow, and they won’t grant you a variance just because they like you. 

How does zoning affect your property? It can regulate how close to the front, side and rear property lines you can build, and it can regulate the minimum and/or maximum floor area of your home, and its maximum height. Often the size of your home is limited by Floor Area Ratio, which is the total gross floor area of your home divided by the lot area. If you have a 3,000 square foot home on one acre (43,560 square feet), the Floor Area Ratio would be 3,000 / 43,560 or a ratio of 0.068. The limit might be something like 0.150. 

As lot sizes get bigger, the required setback distances also become greater, and the Floor Area Ratio maximum tends to get smaller. 

You can find the zoning requirements for your property by asking the local building department, or you can purchase a Zoning Ordinance, which will give you all the requirements for the entire municipality. Zoning Ordinances can cost anywhere from $5 to $50, and I’ve seen one that was $200! Usually for a residential property, asking the building department will get you sufficient information. 

Of course, you need a property survey map in order to determine your setback dimensions and lot area, and the size of your house. 

Zoning is a two-edged sword. On one hand, it protects you against uncontrolled development on adjacent properties, and on the other hand, it limits to a small degree how you can use your own property.

Here is a handy list of links to the Townships and Boroughs in Monroe County, PA. Many of them have zoning regulations and information posted on their websites.