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A Pocono Weekend: Photos From A Hike

Tumbling waters trail vista overlooking national recreation areaSee that hawk? Was about the size of a Cessna! ;)

Happy Earth Day!

No matter where you live or stay in the Poconos, you aren't far from outdoor adventures. And now that the weather is breaking, it's time to get out and enjoy it! This weekend I checked out Tumbling Waters Trail, one of six trails at the Pocono Environmental Education Center (PEEC). Getting there is easy as it is a short and lovely drive north on 209 toward Dingman's Ferry from Bushkill. My hiking partner and I have been slowly building up the difficulty of our hikes, using the rich outdoor resources of the Poconos as our personal gym. This is one exercise I actually look forward to doing and do regularly! Had to take a break about half-way through the three mile excursion though:

Resting up for the rest of the hike
If you're interested in seeing the route, check out the PEEC Trail Map. Tumbling Waters is the orange trail, and offers a little bit of all of the best Pocono scenery: breathtaking views of the mountains, ponds and streams, waterfalls, woods with foliage and wildlife, and even some ruins:

Old fireplace remains with a view of the parkChimney ruins: Quite an amazing homesite, no?

Weathered tree delaware water gap national recreation areaOld and weathered but still standing!

Beware, though...there is one section of the trail called Killer Hill, aka Cardiac Hill. Luckily, you can rest up before you tackle this climb and take in some negative ions at the spot that gave the trail its name, Tumbling Waters Falls:

Tumbling waters hike poconos
Can't wait til next weekend!


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