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Ten Year Real Estate Trends, Monroe County, PA

Ahhh, statistics. So much fun. As President of the Pocono Mountains Association of REALTORS, I get a lot of calls from journalists and business leaders in the Poconos looking for home sale trends in our area. Lucky for you, I can make my research in the Multiple Listing Service do double duty by sharing some of it here :) So today, I bring you a ten year history of home sales in the lovely Monroe County Poconos.

The chart below illustrates the change in the number of closed residential transactions over the past 10 years.


And here is the illustration of average sale prices in our market each year since 2000:

For those of you who really dig data, here are the specific numbers:

  Avg Sale Price    # Units
Monroe County Poconos    
2010 $153,581 1,499
2009 $162,880 1,594
2008 $186,760 1,720
2007 $206,166 2,343
2006 $202,696 3,122
2005 $186,812 3,491
2004 $165,873 3,354
2003 $144,204 3,070
2002 $125,755 2,946
2001 $111,217 2,408
                2000     $100,663     1,641

These figures represent residential real estate sales in all municipalities of Monroe County, Pennsylvania. Keep in mind that each specific neighborhood and/or community may trend similarly or be very different. Real estate is local, and here in our area that is especially true...specific location can make a big difference. If you are selling or buying in the Poconos you will want to have more specific data, so be sure to ask your real estate agent!

**Information gathered from the Pocono Mountains Association of REALTORS Multiple Listing Service on 4/8/11 and is deemed reliable but not guaranteed.**