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New PA Contractor Registration Law

SB100 is here. Under this new consumer protection law, all home improvement contractors must register with the State of Pennsylvania by July 1, 2009. Yes, this means you: landscapers, handypeople, roofers, remodellers, etc. If you earn $5,000 per year or more from your home improvement business, you qualify.

This new law not only requires registration with the state but also includes regulation of the contracts that contractors use for jobs over $500. It also establishes criminal penalties for home improvement fraud. Here is the summary from the Attorney General's Office. This link also contains information for consumers with a home improvement dispute.

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The Pocono Builders Association is hosting a Presentation by Louis Biacchi of the Pennsylvania Builders Association. This will cover an overview of the Home Improvement Contractor Registration Law (SB100) in order to properly prepare home improvement & repair businesses for the changes coming July 1st.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009
Pocono Township Fire Hall
Route 611, Tannersville, PA
4pm - 6pm

Free for PBA Members
$25 Non-members

Contact: 570.421.9009 or [email protected]



SB100 is a joke. Read the law in it entirety and you will see that other then taking money from contractors, there really is no help to keep people from being ripped off. Anyone can pay $50.00 and get a license. That,s our greedy corrupt system at work. And to make matters even worse, the Pa builders assocs. are charging people to find out they have to pay $50.00 I guess we should all thank them for there tremendous help in explaining that we've been ripped for $50.00. But look at the bright side,. you don't get screwed again for 2 whole years.; Whats next ? Free work on our elected officials Mansions ?

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