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Which Pocono Communities Offer Indoor Pools?

Indoor pool graphic

There are myriad questions home buyers have when considering a real estate purchase. Buying a home to live in brings up different concerns than purchasing a property for vacation use, but questions that arise in either case most often revolve around quality of life issues and the Big 3 of real estate investment: Location Location Location.

The internet, while a great and wondrous resource, does not always have all of the answers to questions, especially when they concern hyper-local information that is not already 'catalogued' on the web. And those local real estate inquiries are the exact ones I try to anticipate here on The Poconos Real Estate Blog.

Lately I have fielded a couple of questions about communities that have indoor pools in and around the Pocono area, so I thought I would put together a list of developments that have indoor swimming facilities available for those house-hunters who want to focus their home search on these areas. Most amenity communities in the Pocono region have outdoor pools but only a handful offer swimming opportunities year-round. So for those who  like to stay fit by doing laps, or those who need to keep in shape for the swim team, or if you are simply a water-baby, one of these areas might be a good choice for you if you prefer to have an indoor pool close to your home, as opposed to joining the Y or some other private swim club.

Keep in mind that some of these communities offer the pools and other amenities and part of the regular homeowners' association 'deal', but that others may offer these amenities as extras and you may have to join 'the club' in order to use the facility. Either way, these are some of the communities in the Poconos that have indoor pool facilities available.

One last disclaimer: I don't claim to know everything about all of the communities in Monroe County and the surrounding Pocono vicinity, so this list, while awesome and pretty thorough, may be incomplete. If you know of a community that I should add to this list, I would appreciate you letting me know via email or by posting a comment to this post. Thanks :)

Eastern Poconos (209 Corridor)
Saw Creek Estates
Winona Lakes
Country Club of the Poconos

Mountain Region (Canadensis/Cresco/Mountainhome)
The Hamlet

Northern Poconos (Pike/Wayne Counties)
Wild Acres
Big Bass Lake

The Pocono Plateau (Central Poconos)
Lake Naomi /Timber Trails
The Village at Camelback and other communities at the Mountain
Pocono Manor
Emerald Lakes

Western Poconos (The West End & Carbon County)
Birch Hollow Estates
Lake Harmony Area (includes several different communities of single homes & townhouses)

For information on townhouses, condominiums or single homes in amenity communities in the Poconos, please contact me via email [email protected], or by phone 570.421.8950 x 394. Or, if you prefer to help yourself for a while yet, search for Pocono real estate using my special Pocono Mountains MLS /IDX Portal - you can search by area, home features or price range!


Walter Bredel

Arrowhhead Lakes doesn't have an indoor pool. I believe they considered it when the built the new center community center but it was going to cost too much!

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