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The Latest Real Estate Myths Explained

You Want the Facts, Right?

Check out this video entitled '5 Biggest Real Estate Myths' which details several of the most common misconceptions surrounding the real estate industry today. Whether you are thinking of buying or selling a home, or refinancing a mortgage in the Poconos or anywhere, this information is invaluable.

Watch it, even if you just want to sound smart at cocktail parties!

Fun Factoids at Your Fingertips (Watch & Learn!)

1. How to spot a desperate home seller
2. Timing your real estate purchase for a great buy
3. How much money you *don't* need for a down payment
4. Why now just might be the right time to sell your property
5. Where to get the best deal on a mortgage loan refinance

Presenting: 5 Biggest Myths of Real Estate

Thank you to Ines Hegedus-Garcia, of and mojito fame, for sharing this at AgentGenius.

And of course...if you have specific questions or concerns about Pocono real estate, don't hesitate to contact me via email or phone 570.421.8950 ext. 394.



Lisa - love how you put this together! this video is brief and manages to put myths away where they belong.

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