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Map of Schools & Info for Stroudsburg Area School District

Choosing a School District is an Important Part of the Home Buying Process - How Does Stroudsburg Rank?

Click on the map pins for info on a specific school location, or click on the link at the bottom for a Stroudsburg School District overview courtesy of

Stroudsburg Area Schools


Still Need More Information About the District Dress Code, Sports, Test Scores and More?

The Stroudsburg Area School District website also has a wealth of information available for students, parents of students, district residents and prospective residents. This should be the most current school district information available, including links covering Wellness & Health Policies, Transportation / Busing, Curriculum, School Board Meeting Schedules, Faculty Contact Information, and more.

Search for homes in Stroudsburg School District (or other areas of the Pocono Mountains of Northeastern PA) here.

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