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6 Things About Me You Probably Couldn't Care Less About

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Well, it's happened. After more than two years of blogging, I have hit the big time. I made it. I am finally a star.

How do I know this, you ask? What is the criteria? Does a blogger measure success by the number of hits on their site? By the number of unique daily visitors? By their pagerank, number of backlinks or comments left on their articles? Nah.

A blogger, real estate or otherwise, knows they've made it when they get tagged by a meme. And, today, my friends, I share with you the exciting news that I have been meme'd. Furthermore, I've been chosen by someone very famous and that I have stalked for-like-ever. She's smart, she's uber-talented,totally adorable and, yes, the snarkiest chic around...I've been tagged by @laniar!

Yessirreebob, I am thrilled and honored. All these 2+ years I have been watching as 'the big guys/gals' in the blogging community post their memes, tag people, and complain about being tagged multiple times, etc, all the while crying inside because no one picked me. It eerily resembled that feeling I had in gym classes throughout my school career, sitting waiting to be picked, haeting the atheletic people so hard.

But no more. I am finally cool. YES!

So, without further ado, here are six things about me that are totally irrelevant to anything except that they are potentially embarrassing and show you, my cherished fans, that eventhough I am famous now, I am still a real human being =)

1) I am not very athletic and what I said above about gym class is true. Actually, I almost failed gym class several times over the years because I just don't have it. I can't do a cartwheel, I cower at fast moving objects and I am a bit clumsy. But don't pity me, 'cause what I lack in this area is more (way more, I tell you) than compensated for in brains and wit.

2) That being said, I am probably one of the most competitve people on this earth. No, you do not need to be athletic to be competitive. I recently had occassion to take a DISC Assessment and scored a 10 out of 10 for Competitiveness, with the next highest trait of mine ranking like a 7.5 or something. Competition and the desire to excel are a giant motivator for me. This serves me well in my career and volunteer activities, but in playing games with my children, no so much ;)

3) Like Lani, I do not like haunted houses. As a matter of fact, and in keeping with #2 above, I probably hate them more than she does, and refuse to subject myself to them at all. They are scary and there is nothing fun about scary. I do not get the attraction for some people. This aversion also extends to scary movies, which is a huge hardship to my family, according to them. Give me a day of carving pumpkins or watching Mary Poppins over a haunted house or scary movie any day o'the week!

4) I have worked as a waitress (which I was terrible at because the trays are VERY heavy see # 1), a bartender, a pizza maker, a grocery deli person and a Merry Maid at one time or another.

5) I love algebra. So much so that I took math electives in high school...Probability & Statistics, etc, etc. And I almost ended up becoming an engineer and actually started at Lehigh University after high school. That didn't work out, but the love of algebra and all things math have stuck with me. I tutored a friend through college algebra when she needed it for her degree, and I torture my teenage daughters by gleefully helping them with their homework and expounding on the glories of math. They think I'm weird. Go figure.

6) One of my hobbies/interests is natural remedies, homeopathy, etc. I do a lot of reading about it and try to avoid that antibiotic nastiness as much as possible. When my kids were in day care, many moons ago, I stunned the caregivers there by curing pink eye in my daughter overnight. I think herbal remedies and whole-body care are not appreciated and used by people nearly enough. If I could clone myself, I would go to school to learn more about this kind of healing. Go ahead, call me a freak, a witch, whatev...I can take it.

There you have it. My six things. That was way fun. Thanks, Lani! xo

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5. @twillow
6. Soul Sista Sarah S.

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Lani Anglin-Rosales

Lisa, this is GREAT! I adore your math-lovin', gym hatin', scary movie avertin', competitive, ex-waitress, homeopathichippie self! :) Thanks for playing along, I'm totally calling you when I need a homeocure or someone to NOT go to haunted houses with!!! ;)

Chris Shouse

This is great and fun. It is always good to get to know more about the people you stalk ahhh follow on Twitter.

Susie Blackmon

Great reading the scoops about you, especially the natural remedy aspect. In a past life I was a surgical tech and that made me want to steer clear of surgical suites and medications! Now I just want to take pictures, write, and eat raw foods... well, there are a few more things I want to do but that's for another venue!

Drew Fristoe

Lisa, you are amazing and the best(I just dont want to compete with you, so I am just giving it to you!) p.s. I love algebra too!!!


Lisa- just following a few comments on others blogs led me to your 'meme'...what a perfect way to get to know a total stranger who I found a pleasure to read six things about. Your charm in writing was great fun. I'm sure I'll be back. Great meme!

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