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Heroes Live Here!

All of us in Penn Estates are very proud of our resident, Christopher Hughes, for his brave rescue of a Blue Ridge Cable technician yesterday. Apparently, the tech's truck caught on fire while he was high up in his bucket working on a line. Thank goodness for good neighbors!!

Read the whole story here.

Here is a very short video taken with a cell phone at the scene (thanks Larry!). It does not show the rescue and it is a little pixelated, but it does illustrate the seriousness of the fire!

Exceptional Waterfront Home

Fronting Lower Twin Lake, a serene 7.5 acre fishing lake in Penn Estates, this property offers an exceptional setting as well as exceptional features and amenities inside. Over 3,000 square feet of beautifully planned and finished living space is here, along with another 1,500 square feet of day-lit, finish-able space in the basement. Please click on the widget below for more info or visit for more photos and details.

For an appointment to see this or other exceptional homes in the Pocono Mountains, please contact me by email [email protected], by toll free phone 888.794.5589, or via Skype: PoconoLisa

The Secret to Selling Your House in 36 Days: A Penn Estates Success Story

Yes, you can sell your home and, no, it is not all timing and luck. Sure some kismet is involved but if you don't prepare yourself to be open to good fortune, it can easily pass you by. So, what did the owners of this home do to sell their home quickly and for as much money as they needed to move on with their life plan?

They did their homework. As important as it is to do homework when buying, when selling it is critical.

Ok, maybe they did a lot of extra credit too but the point is, these folks were well-prepared to sell well in advance of the time that we met to discuss the listing of their property. They read everything they could get their hands on online about selling, staging, choosing an agent, and more, including every article on this blog, I believe. They talked to friends and family members about their real estate experiences, whether they occurred here in the Poconos or elsewhere, which prepared them for the process in general and for the trickier task of interviewing agents. And they took everything they learned and executed it in an efficient way as follows:

1) They kept current on real estate prices in the community and determined the price range that they thought their home would fall in to. So, they did not go in blindly expecting a certain price 'just because.'

2) They prepared their home for sale, making all necessary repairs, thoroughly cleaning the home and freshening up any painted areas that needed it. They followed the sage advice of many stagers 'One Room, One Use' and stored away the workout equipment that cluttered up certain rooms and, moved the children's items to the loft and made THAT the play room in order to control the inevitable spread of toys throughout the living areas. And of course they generally de-cluttered all of the rooms and closets and did everything they could to remove potential distractions for would-be buyers. Folks who visited this house were easily able to place themselves there and were 'sold' on the lifestyle the house had to offer.

3) They interviewed three (maybe more??) real estate agents that they knew/heard are active in the neighborhood. The interviews included a thorough discussion of marketing strategies and agent qualifications. They chose an agent based on these things, as well as based on how well the agent's style fit with theirs and based on their general sense of the agent's integrity.

4) They priced the property AFTER they chose the agent. This is important because it removed the temptation to list with the agent who 'offered' the highest price. They were not swayed by visions of grandeur and dollar signs and chose based on expectations of service, work ethic and experience.

5) They kept the home showing-ready at all times. Before showing appointments, they shined, polished, removed fingerprints, and hid the toys. And most notably, they made sure the house smelled good. Yes, this was the most oft commented feature of the home (besides the obviously striking nature of the style) cited by potential purchasers.

An aside and bonus tip: When asked the secret to the fresh, clean smell of the home, the seller claimed a combination of windex and Berry Patch candles from Pocono Candle This, combined with general cleanliness and regular airing of the rooms sure did the trick!

So, if you have to sell and have to sell now, go ahead and do it but do it right! Competition is fierce for buyers right now, and being well-prepared will help you stand out from all the other listings out there. You need to be ready for that *one* buyer to walk through your door and help you achieve your destiny!

If you are a homeowner, have done your homework and are thinking of selling, please contact me via email info at lisasanderson dot com or give me a call 888.794.5589 to discuss your prospects for good fortune. =)