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We have been living in Winona lakes for a few years and we truely love it!
It's peaceful,quiet and with a friendly atmosphere.
We swim every weekend no matter what's the weather outside.
We ski in the winter - it's the best - it's so close to the house you can go for a 1 run and come back without feeling bad that you spent so much money for a ski lift.
The people are really nice, the resident meet every 3rd Saturday of the month for dinner and the clubhouse.
they arrange parties for every occasion - Easter, New years, Halloween etc - so much fun for kids as well as adults.
A great place to live and a great place for kids to grow up!


We have been living in Winona Lakes for five (5) years now. I do not like it at all!!! Winona Lakes is not a Community what so ever. The people that represents Winona Lakes are cold hearted people. The ski slope hasn't been working for two years now. The worst part of this place is the commuity itself. They add new laws and regulations as they go along. They tell you that your dues are due in two payments. One in October and the other in February. Than they charge interest, late charges, and lawyer fees when they do not get everything by October. When you call them they give you the run around and say "well we have the right to charge you what we want until everything is paid for" and "if you feel like moving go right ahead".... What a nice community!
I wish someone would of warned us before moving to Winona Lakes.


Hi Lisa, I am interested in property you may have for sale in lake winona I've heard really good things about the area and would really love to live there,If you could please send me some listings of what you have available at least 3 bedroom price range no more than 150.000 thank you email is mcdadio2159@aol.com thank you once again.


Hey Raymond! Thanks for stopping by The Blog! I just sent an email to you with a link to all the available inventory that meets the criteria you specified. Please feel free to email me back or call with questions!

Lisa Brown

Hi Lisa,

We are looking for a property in a community with an indoor pool(preferably nice, large one) and a lake community, preferably with a swimming beach. Close to the slopes and good rental history are also on our wish list. If you know of a good community that would fit, or some properties for sale, plase let us know. Price range is flexible, if it had good rental income we could go higher, but would like to stay in the <200k range. Thank you!

ning wang

Hi Lisa, we are looking for propertis in winona lakes estate. we are lokking for a house of 4 beds with the price no more than 150K. We are planing to see several houses in the area at the end of Aug. Will you help us.



Ning: Of course I am happy to help you! I have added a custom search to the Listing Portal you signed up for awhile ago...let me know if you need the log in info re-sent to you. The search will automatically update itself and send you an email as new things become available in Winona Lakes. If you log in now you will see that there are 3 homes that meet your criteria right now.

Thanks for stopping by and feel free to send me messages through the Portal or direct emails to info@lisasanderson.com



kathy matlock

i own a house at 65 scenic drive,was wondering if the property next to it was for sale


Hi Kathy. I did a quick search and did not see anything come up in the MLS. If you have more information, like an owners name or a lot number, I can find out for sure. Feel free to email me directly at lisa.sanderson@realpocono.com

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