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I Suppose You Expect Mail Delivery?

Who Says Social Media Doesn't Pay?

Tshirt_2 Check out the snazzy new t-shirt that came in the mail today!

It's from THE Jeff Turner, founder of Real Estate Shows.   I started following Jeff around on Twitter on the recommendation of a mutual friend, went on to friend him on Facebook and have been in awe of his photography skills ever since (you really have to check out this pic). He has a lot of diverse interests which make him a real interesting guy to stalk er I mean, know. And now I find he also designs t-shirts.

Sarah told me he was a genius and I am beginning to believe her.

Thanks, Jeff, for making my day!!


Cyndee Haydon

Oohhhhhhhhh I'm so jealous - that is a true collector's item!! Thanks for sharing

Connor MacIvor

You are completely correct about Jeff Turner. Wait until you see the Jeff Turner tattoo I'm working in!!!

Seriously-he was a God Send for me after I quit the Lapd and when I was ready to take Paris911 to a whole new level!!!

Check Google, MSN, Yahoo and the rest for Santa clarita real estate search terms.

Connor MacIvor

Jeff Turner Loves Your Shirt

:) This made me smile very, very wide!

Sarah Cooper

Lisa, that is SO FUNNY!! I love that!

That's the coolest shirt! Darn, I should've held off my follow, huh? ;)

Bill Lublin

You may be the first woman I ever met who bragged about being the 500th anything! Congrats on the new threads!

Kristal Kraft

OK so now I am jealous! Nice shirt!

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