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June 2008

Bought! Arrowhead Lakes Vacation Investment Property With Instant Income

June_08_001A family from Lansdale closed on their new vacation home on Friday - a lovely little contemporary, fully
furnished & equipped, and only a block from the Minisink Pool and Tennis Complex. The house is in great condition, is very clean and boasts three generous bedrooms, two full bathrooms and the obligatory Pocono screened porch. We were able to negotiate a very fair price for the home at 8 Moshannon Drive, $162,000.

These folks contacted me late last year as a result of them reading the Poconos Real Estate Blog, and we have worked to find them just the right place. We began by looking at several different communities within reasonable distance from the Northeast Extension of the Turnpike, as that is the route they take to the Poconos. We visited Towamensing Trails, Indian Mountain Lakes, Locust Lake Village and other amenity-rich communities. After evaluating their options they settled on Arrowhead Lakes because of the fact that it is a gated community, and because it has three pools. This appealed to them because they figured the pools would be less crowded.

The greatest thing about this buy for them is, in my opinion anyway, that the property came with a tenant for the summer, so there is instant cash flow of a few thousand dollars! According to the listing agent, the previous owner had rented the property so often that after awhile he had to purchase ANOTHER property in order to have something available for his own personal use once in a while. Lucky for my Lansdale buyers, the seller decided now was the time to liquidate an asset!

Arrowhead does quite a brisk business in the short-term, vacation rental department. My source tells me that this past Saturday, which as the last Saturday in June officially kicks off 'the season', there were 86 groups checking in to their rented homes in the community. The community is becoming very well known to summer tourists from the Philadelphia and New York areas as an affordable alternative to destinations reached by air.

To begin your search for the perfect second home or vacation investment property in Arrowhead Lakes or in other communities in the Poconos, email me at [email protected], or call me at 888.794.5589 x103.

Affordable Home for Sale in Winona Lakes

Whether you want to move to the Poconos and commute to New York or New Jersey for work, or simply want a second home to get away from it all in, this home near Marshalls Creek is an ideal choice. Located in a nice, quiet neighborhood, it is off the beaten-path in Winona Lakes, yet close to all of the amenities the community has to offer, and a short drive to all of the attractions that make the Pocono Mountains a fun travel destination. Click the links below for more information, or feel free to email me at [email protected], or call toll free 888.794.5589 and let me know how I can assist you in your search for property.

Winona Lakes Community Profile, Map & Pictures

Winona Lakes Property Owners Association
Community Facts

Located in Middle Smithfield Township of Monroe County, just minutes off of Route 209 near shopping and the best Pocono attractions. About a mile north of the Flea Market, off of Sellersville Road. The community is not gated.

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Includes base dues of $664 and assessments of $239
(for the fiscal year Oct 1, 2007-Sept 30, 2008)

Indoor & outdoor pools
Ski slope
Road maintenance
Tennis courts
Basketball courts
Small lake
Senior citizen club

Each lot receives two member passes, passes for all resident children, and four guest passes. Additional guest passes are $10.00 per day per pass.

Board of Directors with nine volunteer members and various supporting committees. Meetings are held on the third Saturday of every month at 10am. Architectural guidelines are in place (via deed restrictions and rules and regulations) and enforced to preserve community property values.

104 Winona Lakes, East Stroudsburg, PA  18302
[email protected]

Current issue of the WinonaGram, the Winona Lakes newsletter

For more information on homes or property listings in Winona Lakes or other neighborhoods and communities in the Poconos, please contact me via email [email protected] or toll free phone 888.794.5589.

Still the Hottest Location in Penn Estates


Section C - A Distinctive Penn Estates Location

Just off of Stonehenge Drive in the Beacon Hill Section of Penn Estates, there are two cul-de-sac streets, surrounded by green-space (undeveloped land owned by the HOA) and offering some of the best locations in the community. Originally developed in the early 1980's with the discerning vacation property buyer in mind, this area was carefully planned by Cranberry Hill Corp. to cater to the tastes of the well-off second home purchasers who frequented the area when the community was young. Many of these original 'settlers' still maintain homes throughout the community. This particular area of Section C, however, has always maintained its distinctive appeal to those looking for a special setting.

Easy Access to Amenities on Foot or Bicycle

The properties here are centrally located and within walking distance to the main amenity complex (which houses the pools, community center, the basketball & tennis courts, softball field, and the Country Kitchen) and all three lakes. So if sports is your thing, or if swimming, sunbathing, fishing or boating is more your style, check out these properties within close proximity of all this and more!

Web 42 Canterbury Lane is a 1/2 acre wooded lot, the perfect parcel for building your dream home or vacation getaway. Central water and sewer is available, making this one of the most affordable options for new construction in the Stroudsburg School District. Land only $67,500

Home for rent in Section C of Penn Estates.

61Windsor Court is a stunningly beautiful home, not too big and not too small and offering the smartest upgrades like wood floors throughout, central air conditioning, granite counters in the kitchen and much more. Proud owners do not skimp on any maintenance item and have lovingly upgraded the home over the years, so it is in turn-key condition. THIS PROPERTY IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE

For more information on these Penn Estates properties, or for help with any of your Pocono real estate needs, contact me via email [email protected] or toll free phone 888.794.5589

I Suppose You Expect Mail Delivery?

There are a few little things about the Pocono area that most of us locals have learned to accept as normal but may seem strange to newbies coming in.

One of these anomalies, for instance, involves having work done around your house. Most of us who live in these parts have accepted the fact that contractors around here don't need work. They don't call you back. They don't show up. They don't CARE if you tell all your friends that they didn't finish the job or do what they were supposed to do. They are a different breed, these Pocono Contractors. It is just a basic fact of life. Most of us have learned to adapt and by trial and error have found one contractor or handyman that is worth his weight in gold. (Yes, I have one but can't tell you his name, else I'd have to kill you) Some people have even resorted to bringing in help from their old neighborhood in New York or New Jersey, willing to pay the travel premium, give the dude free room, board and beer for the duration of the job, and/or wait for months 'til they can be scheduled in. Want to have some work done this summer? If you didn't line someone up around Thanksgiving last year, forget it.

June_08_002 Similarly, mail service up here is not like it is in other places. Sure, some homes in town or in a handful of other areas actually have a mailbox at the end of the driveway. And some actually have a normal looking mailing address like 1313 Mockingbird Lane or 199 Dogwood Lane. However, the likelihood that the house you are buying in the Poconos is thusly endowed is slim. MORE likely, you will end up with a mailing address like RR 5 Box 1234, or HC 88 Box 666, if mail is delivered to the house. MOST likely, you will end up with mail delivery at some location within your neighborhood with an address number not even closely related to the street address of the house you purchased.

Don't be alarmed, once you get used to it, you will actually receive your stuff if you follow these few simple Rules:

Rule # 1: If you buy a house in a community, your mailing address is not going to be the property address.

Learn this rule and learn it fast. Do not tell the utility company that your address is XXX SuchNSuch Lane, cuz it's not. Don't make up cute little change of address cards and mail them to all yourMailboxes_at_pe friends before you move, because your housewarming gifts will arrive very late if at all. And please, don't tell the IRS to mail your refund check there either cuz it will be returned undeliverable. I know you want to get everything done and lined up before moving day, but you can't, because...

Rule #2: It is very likely that you won't get to know your mailing address until after closing.

Yes, this is very inconvenient but it will all work out, I promise. After you close on your new home you will go to the post office and show your closing documents as proof that you are entitled to a mail box. They will then assign you a number and tell you what your address will be. You do not get to pick your number, nor will it match your physical address. Heck, it won't even match the mailing address that the previous owner had.

Rule #3: Some of the folks helping you with your home purchase here in the Poconos may not know these rules.

Tell your attorney, the title company, your agent (if it's not me!), everyone, to read this article. Those folks who handle your closing are most important, though, because they will be the ones putting your mailing address on the deed to the property, which will then trigger the tax collector to update her records. So, let the closing agent know that you will call her/him with new mailing address. You don't even want to know what happens if you don't receive your real estate tax bills in a timely manner!

Rule #4: If you are getting a delivery from FedEx, UPS, the florist, etc, disregard Rules 1-3.

I know, it's confusing. But if you get deliveries from companies other than the United States Postal Service, use the property address. If you are ordering stuff online or from catalogs, carefully review their shipping procedures so you know which address to give them. There is nothing more heartbreaking than receiving that hot new Victoria's Secret bikini after the first frost.

If you are unsure about the mail situation on the property you are buying, contact the post office responsible for the zip code your new place is located in. They may be able to help you out. Or not. Many of the post offices have hired retired Pocono Contractors and serving the customer is not exactly high on the priority list.

(If you are reading this and happen to work in the post office where I get my mail, I don't mean you ;) xo)

Edit: I happened upon this interesting series of photos done by a way-kewl real estate agent in Florida - check 'em out.