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New Stroudsburg High School or Renovation?

The debate continues and could be decided at tomorrow night's School Board Meeting. (Wednesday, 4/16/08, 7:00 PM in the Stroudsburg High School Cafeteria at 1100 West Main Street)
Should we proceed with the Renovation Plan begun by the previous Board? Should we build a New Facility in a New Location on Chipperfield Drive? Should we taxpayers get to vote on the issue in November? These are the discussions on the Agenda for tomorrow night.

In case you haven't been keeping up with the issue, here is a link to today's Pocono Record article and a list of previous articles on the subject.

My opinion: Continue with the Renovation Plan and not waste 5 years and over $3.8 million dollars of our money that has already been spent on the planning. Keep the high school down town, leave it close to the stadium, and save us the additional $20 million dollar cost of a new facility.

What do you think? Will you be at the meeting tomorrow? Please comment below!


john kelly

Based upon (a) my personal experience over 30 years of managing large construction projects (b) my living through similar debates in other municipalities with both types of outcome and (c) the current economic situation in our Country, I would vote for continuing the rehab of the existing facility.


I think if they already made the decision to renovate, they should continue on that path. You don't just stop in the middle of a project and decide to go back to the drawing board unless there are some serious issues that are going to drive costs through the roof. This is a waste of taxpayer dollars to be changing direction after work and spending has already begun.


Taxes for homeowners is high enough as it is. Another $20 million would add to the high taxes we already pay, even if you don't have children in the school system. Taxpayers whose children has surpassed the scholastic age group are more than willing to contribute to the education of our children, within a reasonable taxes, not the ones we currently pay. However, another $20 million for a new building without a viable explanation is out of the question. If my understanding is correct, $38 million has already been circulated. Out of the $87 million approved by the prior board for renovation that leaves a balance of $49 million. Let us continue with the funds we have at hand and work with that. If more funds are needed down the line, we could go to private enterprises for the additional funds. They should be more than willing to help as Angel Donors, after all we are their best assets, their consumers or customers. One hand washes the other and both hands washes the face. My vote is to renovate. Patsy

Gerald I Bishop

The current economy is in a mess.People are already facing new costs which will continue to rise.This is not the time to be considering a new school.
Some people have no problem in spending other people's money.Right now we can't afford it.

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