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Stroudsburg S.D. Addresses Transportation Inefficiencies

School_bus_issues Stroudsburg School District Superintendent, Dr. Toleno, presented a plan last night to a crowded room of concerned parents, School Board Members and media, for changing the school bus schedule for the 2008/09 school year. The new plan requires changing the times that our students report to school, based upon grade level, and is, in my view, a common sense approach to solving the myriad transportation issues we have been dealing with for the past several years.

This plan reminds me a lot of how things were 'back in the day' when I was a girl walking to school, through the snow, for miles, up hill both ways. Not really, I took the bus. But we did start school earlier and earlier the older we got, when finally as a high school student I could get home in time to watch Luke and Laura on General Hospital, which started at 3pm. Ahh, the good ol' days!

I understand that this presentation will be given again tomorrow night at the School Board Meeting, for those who didn't make it last night.

Three Tier Busing Presentation

An overview of the problems this plan attempts to correct begins on page 4 of this document.

The proposed start times for each grade level are outlined in chart form on page 7.

Do you think it's a good plan?


Sandra Leigh Schaffer Independent Avon Representative

Lisa, you are completely correct!!!!! I agree with this plan, it will only help with our growing population and the needs of our children and school.
Sandra Leigh Schaffer
(570) 730-4716
Independent Avon Representative
569 Penn Estates

kathleen waldron

You are 100% correct I remember the good ol days..walking to school and getting home in plenty of time for Dark Shadows.

Joanne Boyle

I'm older than you so I walked TEN miles each way... through hurricanes.
Thanks for bringing this up, as I heard that there were people who weren't aware of the meeting, in spite of the two phone calls most of us received. One of the problems with the current schedule is that large groups of kids are held in either the auditorium or the cafeteria, and there really isn't enough staff to supervise them properly. I don't mention this as a criticism of the schools in any way, but that bad things happen when lots of kids are in a holding pattern with not enough adults. It is apparent that a lot of work went into this new schedule, and every detail considered. Kudos to Dr. Toleno and the Transportation Department.
Thanks, Lisa, for staying on top of the issues that concern us parents, and for keeping us all in the know.

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