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I've been a semi-faithful reader of the BiggerPockets Blog for a few months...meaning, when I have time I check it out. It has been on my list of to-write-abouts for about the same length of time. This morning this video came into my feed reader and moved it to the top of my list immediately. Anything that can get ME to giggle before 10am is golden!

Some examples of the info you will find on BiggerPockets:

Managing Tenants Part 3: Written Criteria For Tenant Selection
Getting Started In Rehab Real Estate
The Mortgage Crisis Has A Silver Lining (...and other truths you won't hear on cable news this week)

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Joshua Dorkin

Lisa -
I'm glad that we were able to get you to giggle! Thanks for the plug and I hope we'll be seeing you around the blog and rest of the site again soon.

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