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Seniors in the Poconos

I think there is a void out here on the internet on information for seniors in the Pocono Mountain Region.  There is a glut of info for seniors in general, but when it comes toRetirement locale-specific topics I haven't seen much.  Would seniors find this valuable?  What kind of information would be useful to the over 55 set?  Obviously I would gear my posts to real estate related stuff, but that still leave the subject potential pretty wide open.  I am thinking of things like:  housing choices pre- and post-retirement, issues related to being 'snowbirds', tax issues for seniors, things to do around here, and of course lots of links to useful websites geared toward the mature population. 

I'd love to hear what you readers think would be quality content - please click the 'Comment' link immediately below this article and share your thoughts!


Robert Bobucky

Hi Lisa,

Your article on seniors in the Poconos is timely. Being an occupant of the older age group, I would like to share some thoughts with you on some real estate related issues that you may be interested in.

First, there is an increasing demand by those over 55 for homes in gated and non- gated communities providing services for a fee, such as you mentioned about La Bar Village.High taxes in urban areas and the preferance to have services and recreation provided by communities are major reasons for transition to a better life style.More important this demand will accelerate soon as "Baby Boomers" retire.

Secondly,There are those who no longer can personaly maintain their homes and will need assistance connected with independent living, assisted living or skilled nursing. As our population increases, there will be a greater demand for these facilities.

Considering the trend these days by employers not to offer retirement benefits and the weaking structure of Social Security,affordable housing may become a more serious problem than it is now.

If, the above is true, it could have a significant bearing as to the type of construction the building industry will need to produce.

Lisa, these are some of the thoughts on the subject for whatever value they may have.Thanks, for your Blog info.Keep it coming.

Bob B,

Margaret Monaco

I now live in Brooklyn, NY and am interested in living in Monroe County, Middle Smithfield Township. The reason for this is that I have family in Winona Lakes and would like to be near them.

My plans for living in Pa would include being a snowbird and cost would definitely be a factor. I am a very active and so would like to find a 55 and over with lots of amenities.

I leave for Florida after the holidays and am very active down there. If I could find somthing similar in PA, I would seriously consider the move.

Hope to hear from you.

Margaret Monaco

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