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Happy Blogiversary To Me!

Fireworks One year ago today I posted the first article on the Poconos Real Estate Blog (PREB). Who knew that one year later, it would still be one of my most visited articles?

I am quite excited about the response I've received from my readers.  The article ideas and comments and general acceptance of the information have been astounding.

My New Year's Resolution was to write more frequently and consistently and so far I have kept that promise to myself. Additionally, I am pleased to have recruited a total of six Guest Authors to help me expand the topic coverage of PREB and to take the pressure off to produce content on a regular basis. Hopefully the expanded brain-power will prove beneficial to our readers!

I am psyched to have just about 8,000 page views for the year and also about the search engine rankings I've earned, especially on Google. This has happened exactly as Richard Nacht and Paul Chaney said it would in their book Realty Blogging (buy it on!). Not that I didn't believe them but I truly didn't think it could be as easy as 'just do it.' Sure, it's been a lot of work but, boy oh boy, it's been fun!

The next goal for PREB is to remodel the site. While the current set-up is very workable, the ideas and dreams I have for it are beyond what I can realistically do on my own. So it is time to start looking for a new format and help with the technical end of the design. Fortunately I have a secret staff of professional advisers on two of my favorite sites, Pocono Commuter and Facebook.

Thank you all of you for reading and for your continued support! What topics would you to see covered here at the PREB? Feel free to submit your topic ideas or real estate related questions by clicking on the comment button below.


Richard Hetzel

Congratulations, and what success you've had is richly deserved. I'm delighted to serve as one of your guest authors, because your blog is truly a selfless service to the community. I wish you and it many more years of success.



Your success is well deserved.

I always enjoy my visits here!


Jay Thompson

Happy (belated) Blogiversary!

Paul Chaney

Lisa, thanks for the reference to the book, and the link love. I'm glad it's been helpful to you. That was our chief aim in writing it.

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