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I will acknowledge up front that there are those among us who believe that the 'hoopla' over global warming is the result of a fabricated problem, created to benefit some sinister group of scientists & believers, to the detriment of all of us poor, unsuspecting & foolish residents of planet Earth.  I am not one of these skeptics, but I wanted to make sure that those of you who belong to this group don't feel slighted, even if I don't really get the whole conspiracy concept.

Regardless, going 'green' is quite popular these days and companies and corporations are beginning to respond to the demand for different choices in products and services.  Hotels are offering patrons the option of waiving the requirement for clean sheets and towels every day (this by the way is long overdue-resorts in the Carribean offered this years ago!), coffee makers are displaying 'rain forest friendly' logos on their packaging, and car makers are beginning to provide options for those looking for better gas mileage.  All of this is the result of the marketing people realizing that a good percentage of us consumers want these options and that we are beginning to realize that we are able to 'vote' on issues by simply purchasing differently.

When it comes to maintaining your home and running your household, there are many small ways to help the environment.  My friend Janet, Feng Shui guru & Conscious Language mentor extraordinaire, has addressed some of these very eloquently on her site. Personally, I have begun to switch from the 'old fashioned' light bulbs to newer, energy efficient types which are more expensive but make me feel good about even this small contribution to the fight against global warming, and organic gardening has been a hobby/interest of mine for over 15 years.  I am very concious of how easy it is to pollute our environment every day with cleaners, pesticides, fertilizers and other 'helpful' products.  That is not to say my home is totally green, far from it...but I am aware and think about my choices more and more the more I read and become informed about our planet's predicament.

I am interested in finding resources for energy saving and environmentally friendly tips for homeowners for my websites.  Additionally, my community is planning an Earth Day event in April and we need information to present.  Please let me know if you have any suggestions!


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