1st Rights of Refusal-What Sellers in Penn Estates Should Know

A Real Estate Agent's Worst Nightmare?

I have noticed a trend, lately, in a certain age group of buyer, the 25-35 set.  Because I am turning <sniff> 40 this year, I can call them kids, right?  (If you are reading this and are in this age group, please do not be offended, BE PROUD AND ENJOY IT WHILE IT LASTS lol).

Anyway...these buyers come to me, usually by way of the internet, and they are amazingly prepared & educated on the general real estate market.  The New York Times calls them Prepared and Fearless.  And rightfully so...they've researched the area, they subscribe to blogs about buying homes and get all kinds of advice and information before they reach me.  I am pleased to say that most of the information they are getting online is fairly accurate and they are ready to be informed about our specific local market.  I love these buyers because, while they do test one's knowledge and experience, educated consumers are easier to work with.  Armed with checklists of questions and spreadsheets with which to compare suitable properties, they get right to the point...narrowing down the list of homes to see with razor-like precision and knowing the right property when they see it.  Call me crazy but the more exacting a buyer is about the whole process, the better I like it.  I've joked with one saying that I am going to start advertising that I specialize in working with Type A personalities!

The only bit of advice I have for these buyers is:  find the right agent and hire them as your Buyer's Agent, and then listen carefully to their advice.  While you may have researched your purchase for a couple of weeks or even months, the agent you'll likely pick has been learning the business for years, and has practiced the art of purchasing a property more times in a month than you will probably do in a lifetime.  I guess the point is, know what you don't know and find someone trustworthy who can fill in the blanks for you.



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